In today’s digital age where children’s lives are ruled by gadgets, I will mostly bend to the times.  I have to admit I love my iPhone and shamelessly depend on it for so many things.  That being said, I will keep writing in a physical journal and insisting my boys express themselves through good ol’ pen and paper too.  There’s something so very basic and organic about putting pen to paper. Maybe because it needs no electric current to happen, just thoughts coming through fingers onto paper.  When I look at my children’s writing most of the time I want to see their personality in it, not a generic text that could have been generated by anyone.  Our handwriting is as unique to us as our fingerprints.  The written word is raw self expression.  I believe that teaching my boys the value of this basic tool arms them with a powerful outlet and is one of the best gifts I can give them.  They may not become the next Shakespeare, Poe, or Hemingway…but maybe we’ll get a good rap song out of it.  🙂


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