Are Memories Lost On You?

The other day my 3-month-old boy squealed with laughter and everyone thought it was hilarious.  In the midst of our own laughter my 6-year-old asked, ‘mom, what are the funny things I did as a baby?’.  I was disgusted at myself that I couldn’t offer the validation he needed at that moment by quickly recalling a similar funny moment with him as a baby.  Realizing he was looking for validation, I went to get his Anitome Baby Book & Birthday Journal so we could look through it together and share his own baby moments and some similar funny times we’ve had with him through the years.  At the time I really didn’t understand the true value of filling out his baby book and birthday journal each year until six years later when he was looking for validation and I could give it to him with a book that is just about him.


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