Hi there!

I’m Stephanie- a small-town-Colorado girl currently living in the south! I have two little boys, one big boy (my husband), and Kimber, our Wire-haired Pointing Griffon. My ‘everyday’ is filled with kid stuff, woodworking, house stuff, blogging, wife stuff, and trying to keep our dog out of the trash.

On ‘some days’ we are more social-media worthy when we venture out and about. I may post about it once and awhile but dammit this self-promotion era is too exhausting to keep up with! So unless it’s truly helpful content I’ll spare myself, and you, the next selfie or kid-pic to come across your email or news feed.


Scrapbook help. Baby Book help. Headlines. Important events. Cost of living. Trends. Pop Culture. Stephanie Jean Mackie is a blog writer at anitome.com.



When my first son was born, in 2006, I created anitome~A Baby Book & Annual Birthday Journal because I wanted him to be able to keep memories throughout his life, not just in the first years. The ‘mass’ produced baby books seemed so…mass produced. Now, each year’s important events and memories get written down in both of my son’s anitome books on their birthdays.

anitome baby book and birthday journal
The anitome baby book hard cover version is SOLD OUT! Printable PDF version is available.

In 2012, when my second son was born, I took some woodworking classes so I could build both of my boys a personalized wood keepsake chest. We use their wood chests to keep their baby stuff, along with trophies, teeth(yes I’m gross), and other mementos that come with time. Because of the interest I’ve gotten over the years, I’ve made the anitome book, printables, and my keepsake chests available at Myla Stone & Co.  Since these items are created by me and NOT mass produced, please understand that they are limited.  It’s what makes them special!

Note: The anitome book is currently sold out! A full PDF version anitome is available at Myla Stone & Co. if you want to print and bind it through your own printer. I will notify everyone on here and by email when print copies are available again.