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Have you been thinking of starting a blog to make an income?

Most of my readers are new parents and they’re looking to either supplement their current income or they’re looking for ways to stay home with their little ones but still generate some type of revenue stream.

Blogging as a profession is real. It is also one of the least expensive businesses to start, and can be done successfully part-time. Perfect for a stay at home parent! Blogging also has the potential to start paying off fairly quickly depending on some key factors that I share with you below.

I have been blogging for about ten years. The blogging game sure has changed since I first started! Below I have highlighted for you the blog elements that help me and many other bloggers generate a real income.


Blog Topic

First you have to decide what you’re going to be writing your blog about!

The topic of your blog will be the most important thing for you to decide on. Usually it will be something you are interested in or passionate about. If your topic isn’t about something you are passionate about you won’t want to write about it for very long and you won’t stick with it long enough to have success.

I started the blog because I have a passion for nostalgia. In keeping my boys’ baby books, I shared the world around me information the books asked for on my blog. It was something I was passionate about and useful for others too.



Your blog has to bring value to your readers. You have to either inspire them, make them laugh, make them cry, teach them, or save them time with their research. If you can bring this value to your readers, it will get shared and your blog will grow naturally.

The value my blog brings is saving parents time! I save them the time in researching the current event information their little one’s baby book asks them to fill in for the world around me page.


Blog Setup

How you set up your blog will determine it’s reliability (it loads quick and doesn’t crash), your ability to monetize your blog (make an income from it), the quality in support you get in setting it up or any technical issues, how professional it looks, and how secure your blog is from internet threats. is the blogging platform I use, and is popular among bloggers.

There is a difference between and Both are free blog platforms but, you don’t technically own your content and you are very limited with how you can monetize. That is because you are using wordpress as a host (home) for your blog page and content.

Now, you have to find your own host (a few dollars per month), but YOU own your content (very important) and you can monetize how you like! Plus there are a lot more customizations you can do!

SiteGround is the host that I use, it is also very popular among bloggers. It is fast, secure, and their tech support rocks! I also really like that they have everything set up to easily integrate your blog content.

Both and SiteGround have tutorials to help you get started!


Blog Traffic

Now you have to get people to your blog! I’ve seen people grow blogs fairly quickly (within a few months) and some it takes longer. It depends on the popularity of your subject, your blog setup and appearance, and really some savvy insider tips from people who have done it for awhile.

Value, SEO (search engine optimization), consistency, and marketing are the foundation for a successful blog. Social media buttons on your blog is also important for sharing your content. Some people also use social networking and social media advertisements to boost their blog traffic.

  • Value: If your blog has something people are searching for, or will love to share, then it will get found organically!
  • SEO (search engine optimization): I can’t emphasize how important your Headings and Keywords are for being found in search engines. Make sure you use keywords and headings throughout your blog posts. Headings really help search engines find you and make your posts more organized and easier to read.
  • Consistency: You also have to keep your content fresh for it to show up in search engines. So, having a set schedule for your posts, whether it’s two times a month, week, or day, try to post something consistently.
  • Marketing: The internet is the primary medium bloggers market their work today. Social media, video, and email dominate blogger’s marketing focus. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat are social media platforms you can choose from, but you should definitely participate in one or two of these. Setting up a way to capture the email of visitors to your blog is also very important! You can do this by offering a free digital download. Being able to build a relationship with you customers with email is very valuable and generate income and traffic back to your blog repeatedly.


Making an Income with Your Blog

There are several ways bloggers make an income with their blogs. If you take a closer look at my blog here you’ll start to see things a couple different ways I have ‘monetized’ my blog. I have an Etsy shop where I sell my handmade goods, I offer printables for download, and I also have affiliate links highlighted on content I had already written.

The most popular way bloggers make money today is affiliate programs, advertising, and their own products and services.

Affiliate programs I use:

You charge for space on your blog. You have to have at least 50,000-100,000 page views per month for this to appeal to any advertiser.

My Products:

  • Woodworking: I direct people from my blog to my Etsy shop where I sell my handcrafted keepsake wood chests and trunks.
  • Digital Content: I create printable versions of my blog content my readers find easy and useful


WOW! That was a lot longer than I planned! Hopefully it helps get you started and help you focus on the things that really work. I want to encourage you to chase after that dream of making an income with a blog because it is real. Many of us have been out here doing it for years. It does take commitment and some savvy. But, you can learn the savvy along the way if you have the commitment!