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Welcome to the year 2000!

Below you will find the list I compiled of major events, trends, world leaders, cost of living, and popular culture for the year 2000. I hope this helps you with the baby book, time capsule, or commemorative project you’re working on. The blog post is fairly long, so if you don’t feel like writing down all the information check out the printable options.

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Research Contributor: Kate Muller

2000 Cost of things (U.S. Averages):

Gallon of Milk~ $2.78 (Bureau of Labor Statistics
Dozen Eggs (Large, Grade A)~ $0.91 (Bureau of Labor Statistics
Loaf of bread~ $0.93 (Bureau of Labor Statistics
U.S. Postage Stamp~ $.33 (
New Car Price~ $28,465 (
Regular Unleaded Gallon of Gas~ $1.51 (Bureau of Labor Statistics
Movie Ticket~ $5.39 (
Median sales price of new house~ $166,542 (


2000 Top Celebrities:

( &
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Michael Douglas
Faith Hill
Jennifer Aniston
Brad Pitt
Meg Ryan
George Clooney
Matt Damon
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Celine Dion
Ashley Judd
Nicole Kidman
Tom Cruise
Britney Spears
Gwyneth Paltrow
Kevin Spacey
Angelina Jolie
Elizabeth Hurley
Ben Affleck
Cameron Diaz
Hillary Swank
Denzel Washington
Kate Winslet
Drew Barrymore
Sarah Jessica Parker
Sandra Bullock
Mel Gibson
Justin Timberlake
Julia Roberts
Tom Hanks
Harrison Ford
Jude Law
Kirsten Dunst
Mark Wahlberg
Adam Sandler
Heath Ledger
Alec Baldwin
Bruce Willis
Russell Crowe
Jim Carrey
Samuel L. Jackson
Renée Zellweger
Clive Owen
Robert De Niro
Shawn Wayans
Marlon Wayans
Anna Faris
Ben Stiller
Nicolas Cage
Billy Crudup
Vivica A. Fox
Billy Bob Thornton
Vanessa Williams
Halle Berry
Demi Moore
Johnny Depp
Rosie O’Donnell
Sean “P. Diddy” Combs
Leonardo DiCaprio
Josh Hartnett
Mandy Moore


2000 Top Athletes:

Tim Duncan
Venus Williams
Serena Williams
Derek Jeter
Tom Brady
Tiger Woods
Curt Schilling
Lance Armstrong
Kobe Bryant
Andy Roddick
Shaquille O’Neal
Peyton Manning
Michael Schumacher
Mariano Rivera
Pete Sampras


2000 Top Sporting Events:

Super Bowl: St. Louis Rams won 23-16 over the Tennessee Titans
Daytona 500: Dale Jarrett
The Kentucky Derby: Fusaichi Pegasus
The Masters: Vijay Singh
NBA Championship: Los Angeles Lakers won series 4-2 against Indiana Pacers
Wimbledon: Gentlemen’s singles: Pete Sampras Ladies’ Singles: Venus Williams
World Cup: N/A
World Series: New York Yankees won series 4-1 against New York Mets


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2000 Top Songs:

Breathe ~ Faith Hill
Smooth ~ Santana feat. Rob Thomas
Maria Maria ~ Santana feat. The Product G&B
I Wanna Know ~ Joe
Everything You Want ~ Vertical Horizon
Say My Name ~ Destiny’s Child
I Knew I Loved You ~ Savage Garden
Amazed ~ Lonestar
Bent ~ Matchbox Twenty
He Wasn’t Man Enough ~ Toni Braxton
Higher ~ Creed
Try Again ~ Aaliyah


2000 Top Television Shows:

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
The Sopranos
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Simpsons
The West Wing
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Family Guy
Freaks and Geeks
The Daily Show
The X-Files
South Park
Malcolm in the Middle
Law & Order
Saturday Night Live
Curb Your Enthusiasm
60 Minutes
Sex and the City
Coronation Street
Gilmore Girls
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Everybody Loves Raymond
Sesame Street
Will & Grace
Boy Meets World
Doctor Who
SpongeBob SquarePants
Big Brother
Ally McBeal
3rd Rock from the Sun
Power Rangers
Beverly Hills, 90210
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
Dawson’s Creek
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
The Brak Show
The Geena Davis Show
The Drew Carey Show
The Bold and the Beautiful
Making the Band
That ‘70s Show
7th Heaven
Stargate SG-1
Scariest Places on Earth
Dark Angel


2000 Top Movies:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Cast Away
Mission: Impossible II
What Women Want
The Perfect Storm
Meet the Parents
Scary Movie
What Lies Beneath
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Erin Brockovich
Charlie’s Angels
The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps
Big Momma’s House
Remember the Titans
The Patriot
Chicken Run
Miss Congeniality
Gone in 60 Seconds
Me, Myself and Irene

2000 Top Books:

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire ~ J.K. Rowling
The Brethren ~ John Grisham
The Beatles Anthology ~ The Beatles
Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money–That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! ~ Robert T. Kiyosaki
Eating Well for Optimum Health: The Essential Guide to Food, Diet, and Nutrition ~ Andrew Weil M.D.
The Bear and the Dragon ~ Tom Clancy
The O’Reilly Factor: The Good, the Bad, and the Completely Ridiculous in American Life ~ Bill O’Reilly
Talking Dirty With The Queen Of Clean ~ Linda Cobb
Flags of Our Fathers ~ James Bradley
The Indwelling: The Beast Takes Possession (Left Behind #7) ~ Jerry B. Jenkins



2000 Top Fashion and Trends:

(Google & Wikipedia)
Streaky Hair Highlights
Tall tees
Trucker hats
Popped collar polos
V-neck t-shirts
Bootcut jeans
Messenger bags
Cargo trousers
Frosted lip gloss
Sequined pants
Popcorn shirts
Choker necklaces
Oversized hoop earrings
Long scarves
Gaucho pants
Studded belts
Butterfly clips
Denim blazers
Velour tracksuits
Preppy sweaters
Low-rise jeans
Mesh tops
Box-pleated skirts
Handkerchief tops
Oversized sunglasses
Lace-up jeans
Wedge flip-flops
Hot pants
Chunky sweaters
Pashmina scarves
Belly shirts
Tube tops


2000 World Population:

6,088,571,383 and counting…


2000 World Leaders:

President of the United States: Bill Clinton
President of China: Jiang Zemin
President of Russia: Vladimir Putin
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom: Tony Blair
Pope of Vatican City: Pope John Paul II
President of France: Jacques Chirac
United States Secretary of State: Madeleine Albright
Secretary-General of the United Nations: Kofi Annan


2000 Major Events:

January 5-8 – The 2000 al-Qaeda Summit of several high-level al-Qaeda members (including 2 9/11 American Airlines hijackers) is held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
January 10 – America Online announces an agreement to purchase Time Warner for $162 billion (the largest-ever corporate merger).
January 14 – A United Nations tribunal sentences 5 Bosnian Croats to up to 25 years in prison for the 1993 killing of over 100 Bosnian Muslims in a Bosnian village.
January 24 – God’s Army, a Karen militia group led by twins Johnny and Luther Htoo, takes 700 hostages at a Thai hospital near the Burmese border.
January 30 – Kenya Airways Flight 431 crashes off the coast of Ivory Coast into the Atlantic Ocean, killing 169.
January 31 – Alaska Airlines Flight 261 crashes off the California coast into the Pacific Ocean, killing 88.
January 31 – Dr. Harold Shipman is found guilty of murdering 15 patients between 1998 at Hyde, Greater Manchester, and sentenced to life imprisonment.
February 6 – Tarja Halonen is elected the first female president of Finland.
February 7 – Stipe Mesić is elected president of Croatia.
February 13 – The final original Peanuts comic strip is published, following the death of its creator, Charles M. Schulz.
February 29 – a rare century leap year date occurs. Usually, 00 years are not leap years due to not being exactly divisible by 400. 2000 is the first such year to have a February 29 since the year 1600, making it only the second such occasion since leap years were introduced in the late 16th century. The next such leap year will not occur until 2400.
March 4 – The PlayStation 2 is released in Japan. Several months later, it becomes the best-selling game console of all time.
March 10 – The NASDAQ Composite Index reaches an all-time high of 5,048. Two weeks later, the NASDAQ-100, S&P 500, and Wilshire 5000 reach their peaks prior to the Dot-com bubble, ending a bull market run that lasted over 17 years.
March 12 – Pope John Paul II apologizes for the wrongdoings by members of the Roman Catholic Church throughout the ages.
March 13 – The United States dollar becomes the official currency of Ecuador, replacing the Ecuadorian Sucre.
March 21 – Pope John Paul II begins the first official visit by a Roman Catholic pontiff to Israel Just Like a 1994.
March 21 – The U.S. Supreme Court rules the FDA lacks authority to regulate tobacco as an addictive drug, throwing out the Clinton Administration’s main anti-smoking initiative.
March 26 – Vladimir Putin is elected President of Russia.
March 27 – The Phillips explosion of 2000 kills 1 and injures 71 in Pasadena, Texas.
March 28 – A tornado hits Fort Worth, Texas, damaging the downtown area.
April 1 – The 2000 United States Census begins. 281,421,906 residents are living in the United States.
April 3 – United States v. Microsoft Corp.: Microsoft is ruled to have violated United States antitrust laws by keeping “an oppressive thumb” on its competitors.
April 22 – In a predawn raid, federal agents seize 6-year-old Elián González from his relatives’ home in Miami and fly him to his Cuban father in Washington, D.C., ending one of the most publicized custody battles in U.S. history.
May – Sierra Leone Civil War: The British Armed Forces launch Operation Palliser to support the Sierra Leone government to counter the Revolutionary United Front.
May 3 – In San Antonio, Texas, computer pioneer Datapoint files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
May 11 – The billionth living person in India is born.
May 12 – The Tate Modern Gallery opens in London.
May 13 – Millennium Force opens at Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio as the world’s tallest and fastest roller coaster.
June 5 – 405 The Movie, the first short film widely distributed on the Internet, is released.
June 28 – Elián González returns to Cuba with his father, Juan Miguel González, ending a protracted custody battle.
June 30 – At the Roskilde Festival near Copenhagen, Denmark, 9 die and 26 are injured on a set while the rock group Pearl Jam performs.
July 2 – France defeats Italy 2-1 after extra time in the final of the European Championships, becoming the first team to win the World Cup and European Championships consecutively.
July 10 – In southern Nigeria, a leaking petroleum pipeline explodes, killing about 250 villagers who were scavenging gasoline.
July 21-23 – G-8 Nations hold their 26th Annual Summit; issues include AIDS, the ‘digital divide’, and halving world poverty by 2015.
July 25 – Air France Flight 4590, a Concorde aircraft, crashes into a hotel in Gonesse just after takeoff from Paris, killing all 109 aboard and 4 in the hotel.
July 30 – Venezuela’s president Hugo Chávez is reelected with 59% of the vote.
July 31-August 3 – The Republican National Convention in Philadelphia nominates Governor of Texas George W. Bush for President of the United States and Dick Cheney for Vice President.
August 7 – DeviantART is launched.
August 12 – The Russian submarine Kursk sinks in the Barents Sea during one of the largest Russian naval exercises since the 1991 dissolution of the Soviet Union, resulting in the deaths of all 118 men on board.
August 14 – Tsar Nicholas II and his family are canonized by the synod of the Russian Orthodox Church.
August 14-17 – The Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles nominates U.S. Vice President Al Gore for President and Senator Joe Lieberman for Vice President.
August 24 – The Nintendo GameCube is revealed.
September 8 – Albania officially joins the World Trade Organization.
September 13 – Steve Jobs introduces the public beta of Mac OS X for US$29.95.
September 15 – October 1 – The 2000 Summer Olympics are held in Sydney, Australia.
September 26 – The Greek ferry Express Samina sinks off the coast of the island of Paros; 80 out of a total of over 500 passengers perish in one of Greece’s worst sea disasters.
October 23 – Madeleine Albright holds talks with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il.
October 31 – Singapore Airlines Flight 006 collides with construction equipment in the Chiang Kai Shek International Airport, resulting in 83 deaths.
November 1 – Serbia is admitted to the United Nations as the 190th member.
November 7 – Hillary Rodham Clinton is elected to the United States Senate, becoming the first First Lady of the United States to win public office.
November 7 – United States presidential election, 2000: Republican Governor of Texas George W. Bush defeats Democratic Vice President Al Gore in the U.S. presidential election but there is a miscount in Florida resulting in a recount of the votes.
November 16 – Bill Clinton becomes the first sitting U.S. President to visit Vietnam since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975.
December 12 – Bush v. Gore: The U.S. Supreme Court stops the Florida presidential recount, effectively giving the state, and the Presidency, to George W. Bush.


2000 Pop Culture:

( &
-Christina Aguilera won the Grammy for Best New Artist.
-Britney Spears’ second album Oops!…I Did It Again debuted at the top of the US Billboard 200, selling 1.3 million copies in its first week.
-Eminem’s album The Marshall Mathers LP sold 1.7 million copies in the first week making it the third fastest selling album in history.
-Jennifer Lopez wore her infamous Grammys dress.
-American Beauty Won Best Picture at the Oscars.
-Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton get married May 5.
-Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston get married July 29.
-Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is released and sells a record 3.8 million copies.
-Disney’s television series Boy Meets World ends.
-Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid divorce.
-Kathy Lee Gifford departs Regis Morning Show.
-Survivor premieres on May 31.
-New series Curb Your Enthusiasm premieres on HBO.
-After 33 years as host of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, Fred Rogers tapes his last episode.


2000 Technology and Science:

  Cell phones:
Nokia 3310
Nokia 6210
  Tablets & Readers:
None yet
  Online Social Communities:
English, baby!
Friends Reunited
-Sony’s PlayStation 2 (PS2) launches in Japan with 10 launch titles.
-Nintendo sells its 100 millionth Game Boy handheld console.
-Mario Tennis is released for the Nintendo 64 introducing Waluigi to the Mario series. launches SegaNet, their online console gaming network.
  Popular Game Consoles:
Game Boy Color
Nintendo 64
PlayStation 2
Microsoft Windows

2000 Major Science & Technology Events:

January 6 – The last natural Pyrenean ibex is found dead, apparently killed by a falling tree.
January 18 – The Tagish Lake meteorite impacts the Earth.
February 9 – Torrential rains in Africa lead to the worst flooding in Mozambique in 50 years, which lasts until March and kills 800 people.
March 12 – A Zenit-3SL launch fails due to a software bug.
May 1 – A new class of composite material is fabricated, which has a combination of physical properties never before seen in a natural or man-made material.
May 4 – After originating in the Philippines, the ILOVEYOU computer virus spreads quickly throughout the world.
May 4 – An earthquake hits Banggai, Indonesia, leaving 54 dead.
May 5 – A rare conjunction of 7 celestial bodies (Sun, Moon, planets Mercury–Saturn) occurs during the new moon.
June 4 – The 7.9 Mw Enggano earthquake shakes southwestern Sumatra with a maximum Mercalli intensity of VI (Strong). One-hundred and three people were killed and 2,174–2,585 were injured.
June 17 – A centennial earthquake (6.5 on the Richter scale) hits Iceland on its national day.
June 26 – A preliminary draft of genomes, as part of the Human Genome Project, is finished. It is announced at the White House by President Clinton.
July 14 – A powerful solar flare, later named the Bastille Day event, causes a geomagnetic storm on Earth.
August 8 – The Confederate submarine H. L. Hunley is raised to the surface after 136 years on the ocean floor.
October 11 – 250 million US gallons (950,000 m3) of coal sludge spill in Martin County, Kentucky (considered a greater environmental disaster than the Exxon Valdez oil spill).
October 30 – This is the final date during which there is no human presence in space; on October 31, Soyuz TM-31 launches, carrying the first resident crew to the International Space Station. The ISS has been continuously crewed since.
November 2 – The first resident crew enters the International Space Station.
November 17 – A catastrophic landslide in Log pod Mangartom, Slovenia, kills 7, and causes millions of SIT of damage. It is one of the worst catastrophes in Slovenia in the past 100 years.
December 15 – The third and final reactor at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is shut down and the station is shut down completely.

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