Unexplained: Top 5 Ghost Stories In My Family

Top 5 Ghost Stories In My Family


I grew up hearing my mom’s stories about ghosts and supernatural experiences from her side of the family, so later on when my sister and I started having our own experiences we knew we were prone to it. Most families have similar stories. Here are the top five ghost stories in my family…


Ghost Story #5.  A Raspy Voice Speaks Through Baby Monitor.

In 2012, when my second son was just a couple months old, we had a white noise machine playing and baby monitor(audio only) on in his room while he slept at night. I often got up with him a couple times at night to breastfeed him. One night, after he was finished his first feeding I put him back down and I fell asleep on the bed we had in his room. I knew I would have to get up again with him in a couple hours. As I was laying there trying to go back to sleep I heard a raspy male voice come through the white noise machine and say my sister’s name repeatedly, “Alli….Alli…..Allison”. I sat straight up and my heart was pounding out of my chest! The voice sounded mean, but didn’t seem to phase my sleeping son. The next day I called my sister to make sure everything was ok and I told her about the voice. She said she was fine and seemed unphased, supernatural experiences are more common for her than me.


Ghost Story #4.  A Clock Ticking Inside The Wall.

In the 1950’s, when my mom was a little girl, her and her older sister shared a room with one bed. They also had a chicken in a cage in their room for some reason. That was their pet. To make things even more interesting, their father(my grandfather) was a mortician and had a shed in the backyard where he embalmed dead bodies, getting them ready to be buried.

Around 3am one morning, my mom and her sister woke up to a clock ticking sound inside the wall behind the headboard of their bed. They tore that room apart trying to find where the clock ticking sound was coming from. They never found the source of it and never heard it again.


Ellen & Melissa Tell Ghost Stories



Ghost Story #3.  A Knock On The Front Door At Midnight.

Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, my mom, her sister, and all their cousins used to spend every summer at their grandmother’s house in Virginia, close to the beach. My mom was very close to her grandmother. They would often sit and listen to my great grandmother tell them of her encounters with the supernatural.

One winter night in the 60’s, my mom was asleep at her home in Pennsylvania when there was a knock at the door at midnight. She got out of bed and peeked through the front window curtains to see who was there. She didn’t see anyone so she opened the door. Still, no one. She walked out front and looked down both sides of the sidewalk and street. There was no one around. She went inside, locked up, and went back to bed. Ten minutes later, another knock on the front door. She went and checked again. Still no one around.

The next morning, her family got a phone call that her grandmother, the one she spent summers with, had passed away the night before around midnight.


Ghost Story #2.  Backyard Dead Body.

I told you in ghost story #4 that when my mom was a little girl, her father(my grandfather) was a mortician. Things were obviously different in the 1950’s, being he was allowed to embalm dead bodies and prepare them for burial in their backyard shed. Not very strict regulations back then.

Of course children are curious by nature. One evening when my mom’s father was away, my mom decided she wanted to check things out in that backyard shed. She snuck into the shed quietly. She immediately saw a table with a body on it. She got a little closer and the body sat up and let out a long moaning sigh. She ran out of there so fast and never went near the shed again.


Ghost Story #1.  Hunting Ghost On Camera.

My husband hunts every fall on private land in Virginia. Blackpowder season. He often takes pictures of nature as it awakens around him. Back in 2009, my husband thought he would capture a flock of geese taking off over the field he was overlooking from his tree stand. He was using an iPhone 3G.

As you know, Virginia has a rich history from the Civil War. Later that evening, when my husband was sharing his nature pictures with his brother(who is very analytical and scientific), they zoom in on the geese-in-flight picture and see an odd figure in the field. They analyze it for hours, showing it to everyone there trying to get an explanation of what the figure is. Was it something on the camera? Was it a leaf falling? They did distance and height calculations, everything to debunk what it looked like and still couldn’t explain what it is. They came to the conclusion that it must be some sort of civil-war soldier apparition.

Do you see the apparition? What do you think it is?

Treestand Ghost Caught On Camera.

Do you see it?

Ghost Captured On Camera



Preserving Your Family Ghost Stories

Most of us have ghost stories in our families, they are told over and over again but never written down. Through time these stories either get watered down, over exaggerated, or lost all together.

Sit down with your family members and capture their ghost stories either on video, audio, or by writing them down. I prefer writing them down in addition to digitally capturing them, because technology changes over time and reformatted. Writing on paper is the simplest.

Below are some printable journal pages to help you capture your family ghost stories…

My Family's Ghost Stories


Share your ghost story in comments below!


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