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I’m Stephanie – I first put this blog together to save you time trying to find all the World Around Me information for your little one’s baby book, scrapbook, or album. With babies, who has time or the energy to research all that stuff! So, that page usually gets left blank and our little one’s book is left incomplete. But most of us really want to complete all the pages for our child because it’s fun for them to look back on.

Over many years, this blog has ALSO helped anyone seeking this information for commemorative projects, news reports, school assignments, and more. It is very exciting that my humble blog has helped so many with their projects!


anitome | Compiled Annual Cost of Living, Important Events, & Popular Culture.


Thanks for stopping by! I usually post from the current year backwards and will update the current year after it has concluded.  I am constantly working on more years, so feel free to make a year request below in the comments section. You can keep checking back or subscribe to be notified when if I’ve posted your request!


anitome | News Headlines, Cost of Living, Popular Culture, and World Leaders Complied by Year...




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  1. Hi Stephanie , my son is turning 30 and I want to give him something with all this information on it . His birth year is 1986.

    1. Hi Liza! I’ll add it to my list of years to include. Please keep checking back to see if I added them…or easier, subscribe and receive an email each time I add a year. 🙂

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